Our Campus

The University campus is situated on 30 hectares of green hillside in Sabtieh, east of Beirut. A refreshingly green environment just at the edge of the busy metropolitan environment of Beirut, the campus provides local students with an idyllic location to study and socialize.

Middle East University was founded to serve the Middle East region. However, it also welcomes students from the rest of the world. The significant international presence on campus over the years has contributed to a rich cultural heritage. Currently, MEU is proud to have students, faculty, and staff representing over 30 countries.
The University is part of the global education network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church operating the broadest and most extensive Protestant Christian educational school system in the world, including over 110 institutions of higher education. For more information about our sister institutions of higher education and other Adventist education institutions, please visit www.adventistcolleges.org and www.adventisteducation.org