The university encourages students to participate in as many campus extracurricular activities as their study/work load permits. There are several campus student clubs sponsored by faculty/staff members, which give students the opportunity to complement their academic experience by exercising leadership, developing talents, and articulating self-expression. Through these clubs, students will learn to be involved and work with each other, balance their academics with organizational and volunteer commitments, and work for others to achieve goals and develop skills.

Clubs available vary depending on the semester but may include sports clubs, photography club, music club, reading club, and more.

MEU Art Club serves as an outlet for student creativity on campus and beyond.  
The Art Club supports artistic expressions that can bring awareness of spiritual, academic, social and environmental themes. 
It is also a fun way to develop new friendships and to learn new skills in the visual arts. 
Monthly activities involve creative projects (collage, design, painting/drawing) as well as opportunities to visit art events and museums in Beirut. 
The objectives and activities of the MEU Business Club are defined by the officers of the club and the members. Potential activities are: social events, starting and running a company, organizing workshops and seminars, supporting students to participate in competitions, and organizing field-trips to companies in Lebanon and abroad. 
For the school year 2019-2020 the officers of the Business Club are:
– President: Jessica Noun
– Secretary: Carine Bechara
– Treasurer: Shenouda Gerges
Any MEU student can be a member of the Business Club, regardless of their major. To join, contact the secretary of the club.